Black Tourmaline W/ Hematite Banding Tower No.15

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Black Tourmaline Tower W/ Hematite Banding 

Notes & Transparency: Recent testing has this material from Brazil in question.  Since it was discovered, it has been sold as Black Tourmaline W/ Hematite Banding, however some recent results may point to this being a form of Obsidian.  That being said, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about this material: For one, Obsidian is only formed during specific types of volcanic activity that isn't currently known to be present in Brazil. This material has recently been part of discussions about how it fractures/breaks giving the appearence of being "some-what" glass like,  however, each piece seems to be slightly different.  Some spots are more crumbly like how you would expect tourmaline to be, and other spots in the stone resemble more of a glass texture.   The large 100kg+ chunks of the raw material used to manufacture these Towers, and Spheres look like a large dense chunks of tourmaline... so if you're interested in this material just be aware that its currently a question mark as to what exactly it is, however this material is natural and unbelievably beautiful! Time will tell as additional testing is done and more info is released! 

Origin: Brazil

Weight: 380g

Dimensions: 2.00"x1.50"x5.50"

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Aires, Aquarius, Capricorn 

Crystalline System: Trigonal & Hexagonal