Live Sale Polices


Join us LIVE on Instagram (@EarthenCrystals) every Tuesday/Friday at 7:30PM EST!

Our Live Sales are a popular and fun way to not only have the opportunity to select your own specific Crystals and Minerals from our warehouse stock of THOUSANDS of high-quality crystals in real time, while interacting and learning with us and our Crystal Family! Our Live Sales include several perks such as first look and chance to purchase brand new Crystals and Minerals as the shipments arrive direct from the mines, exclusive sales/discounts, and giveaways!


How to join us LIVE:

Joining is easy, simply follow these two steps: 

  1. Open the Instagram App on your device and search for our account (@EarthenCrystals)
  2. Tap on our Logo in the top left and you’ll automatically join in!

How to Participate: 

All items will be shown individually, if you’d like to claim (purchase) the shown piece simply type the claiming word + item price! EXAMPLE: “MINE 48”

You must include the price with your claim, otherwise the item will go to the next person in line that commented correctly! We apologize if you miss an item you love due to not claiming correctly, however it’s the only fair way we can do what we do as each item is one of a kind. Comment structure is very important as there is roughly a 10-second delay between you posting the comment and the comment displaying on our end. Commenting correctly greatly helps in avoiding confusion making sure the correct piece ends up in your box. *** The claiming word does change from time to time, on each live the claiming word & an example like above will be shown on our pinned comment that displays just above the chat box. ***

The first claiming comment on OUR END gets the item. Instagram prioritizes your own account over others, that being said please be aware that you may appear to be the first claim on your own device, but that’s not always accurate. In these cases where there maybe multiple claims on the same item, we will read out the comments as they come in letting you know your comments are indeed showing up, and the order in which they came through. If we don’t respond to your claims at all, or don’t answer your question etc. your comment was blocked. Instagram’s algorithm may suspect your comments to be a “bot” or “spam” in which case they will NOT display on our end. However, there is multiple remedies to resolve this issue.

  1. Leave the Live Sale and then rejoin
  2. Include emojis in your comments
  3. Participate in the conversation
  4. Comment in full sentences

Lastly, claiming an item during our Live Sales is a commitment to purchase the item(s). Please be sure that you want the item before claiming, we DO NOT ALLOW PUT BACKS as it is not only unfair to us, but more importantly it’s unfair to our other viewers that may have really wanted that specific item, but decided on their second favorite etc. because their first pick was already claimed.


Paying for your Crystals:

Once you’re done shopping DM (Direct Message) us on Instagram (@EarthenCrystals) your email address for invoicing. Our invoices are sent directly from our website ( they will come as an email to your email inbox *** NOT VISIBLE ON YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT) where you can review your invoice with a button to checkout directly on our website. You can then select your payment method in checkout. (Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more options are available)

Invoices are sent on a PER LIVE SALE BASIS i.e. one invoice for Tuesdays purchases and one invoice for Fridays purchases. You’re more than welcome to shop both days, we always combine shipping to save you money. That being said, for example say on Tuesday you buy a palmstone that would ship at our base rate of $4 USD for domestic (within the USA) and on Friday you buy a large display piece, the shipping will then be calculated for the total shipment, for this example say it’ll cost a total of $20 USD your invoice from Friday will have a Shipping Upgrade charge of the difference $16 USD. If your add-ons don’t change the size of box your second invoice will be marked with FREE SHIPPING. 

Unfortunately, the direct invoices don’t allow for additional website listed products to be added in, however if you’d like to add something from our website stock please get in touch via DM on Instagram and we can combine them for you.

Invoices are sent the following day after our Live Sales i.e. Tuesdays Live Sale purchases will be invoiced on Wednesday, and Fridays on Saturday.

If you are unavailable and or unable to join during our Live Sales the replays will be posted on our account for 24 hours. You’re more than welcome to shop off the replays for items that haven’t been claimed by DMing us about which items you’re interested in to have them added to your box.

All invoices are required to be paid within 24 hours of the Live Sale. We ask that you DO NOT abuse this, lack of payment, late payments, lack of communication etc. is not tolerated. We keep orders on our shelves for 5 days, if your order is outstanding past this time frame your order will be deleted and items will be relisted for sale. We are very understanding here at @EarthenCrystals if anything comes up etc. that you may need to make different arrangements on payment that is not a problem, just reach out and let us know when to expect payment to be made to ensure your order isn’t canceled and resold. Furthermore, we also offer payment plans with a MAX CAP of two months to accommodate these situations and for those interested in larger purchases.

 To request a Payment Plan simply ask either during the Live Sale or via DM us afterword and we will work out a plan that fits your budget! Payment plans are divided up into equal part payments unless requested otherwise and are billed weekly/bi-weekly to best accommodate our clients. i.e. Purchasing a Amethyst Display for $450.00 USD, if utilizing the full two month plan with bi-weekly payments you’re payments would be $112.50 USD every two weeks. Once paid in full your purchase will ship out, if you’d like to request a payoff, simply DM us and we’ll send a invoice for the remaining balance and ship your box out ASAP.



Live Sale boxes are shipped on a weekly cycle, our shipment day is Tuesday. Due to our Live Sales being hosted on Tuesdays and Fridays, the majority of our customers take advantage of both sale days and we combine orders by default. That week’s Live Sale boxes are then shipped the following Tuesday, and we then start the next wave of packages that evening on our Live Sale. If you’d like to be shipped before then send us a DM requesting just that and we’ll let you know the earliest we can get your order packed and shipped.

We ship globally, and cost of shipping greatly ranges depending on the products purchased. Below you’ll see a breakdown of our domestic (within the USA) rates. Please note: some products/total orders may not fit in any of these box types, in which they are calculated by the total weight of the package.

  • First Class:8oz and under: $4 USD
  • Priority:9oz-1lbs: $8 USD
  • Priority:1.1lbs-2lbs: $11 USD
  • Medium Flat Rate:$18 USD
  • Large Flat Rate:$21 USD
  • 12x9x9: Average Rate - $25-35 USD
  • 12x12x12: Average Rate - $30-45 USD
  • 16x16x16: Average Rate - $35-60 USD

If you’re an international client your rates can range greatly depending on the packages final destination, feel free to reach out and send your shipping address to get quotes so you know what to expect. (International orders may be shipped via. USPS, UPS, or DHL)

Held/Extended Orders:

We also offer Held/Extended Orders, although mainly utilized by our international clients it is available to all of our customers. This is the option to build a larger box and thus save on shipping when shipping by weight vs sending multiple smaller boxes if you’re a regular shopper with us!

An example of this specifically with international rates could look like: say you’re a regular shopper and partake in our Live Sales weekly and spend around $100 per sale, on average that would shake out to around $18-25 USD in shipping costs. Say this is your average for 3 weeks, roughly $300-350 USD in purchases shipped all in separate boxes your shipping cost could be $54-75 USD vs if held and combined to ship all at once by weight your rate could be around $38 USD! We’ve had some international clients build their boxes over 1-2 months and it saved them over $100 USD in shipping and insurance costs!

Thank you!

If you have any additional questions on our Live Sales feel free to reach out at any time!