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Getting Started

Welcome! If you’re ready to start your wholesale account with our team at Earthen Crystals, check out everything you need to know below.


In order to open a wholesale account to purchase crystals and stones with us, there are a few qualifications that you should be aware of. First, you will need a valid form of business documentation. This can be an EIN, Tax ID, Resale License, or any other form of documentation for your business. Additionally, please note that all wholesale orders must meet or exceed the minimum purchase amount of $250 U.S. If you have any questions regarding the necessary qualifications to wholesale purchase crystals and stones from Earthen Crystals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram @EarthenCrystalsWholesale or via email at Mark@EarthenCrystals.com.

Ordering Your Wholesale Crystals and Stones

Now comes the fun part! Browse our product catalog here to see our current selection of ethically sourced, natural crystals and stones. Unless you know exactly what you are searching for, this may take a little time — there’s a lot to choose from! Please note that our inventory is ever-evolving. Crystals and stones are added and removed from our inventory based on what our supplier has available. If you would like to hand-pick the specific raw crystals that are shipped to you, book a video call with us and we’ll let you see our inventory for yourself and choose the exact crystals you need.

Once you’ve made your decision on the types of crystals you are interested in purchasing wholesale, you will need to decide on the details of your order. Please have in mind your desired weight range in pounds or kilograms, the sizes, and the shapes of your crystals. Once the details of your order have been determined, you’re ready to order! You can assemble your whole crystal and stone order on Instagram or via email.

Instagram: @EarthenCrystalsWholesale
Email: Mark@EarthenCrystals.com

After your wholesale order has been placed and assembled, we will provide you with a photo of your order. This is to confirm that the selections we have made and are preparing to ship to you are to your preferred quality, quantity, size, and shape. After you’ve confirmed that everything looks great, we’ll ship your wholesale of crystals and stones directly to you. And that’s all there is to it! If you have any questions about our wholesale process or our products, feel free to reach out to us anytime via our Contact Us page, Instagram, or the email provided above.

There Are Plenty of Ways to Shop Our Natural Crystal Selection!

Why Choose Wholesale Natural Crystals at Earthen Crystals?

  • Earthen Crystals only offers the highest quality (all available crystals are Grade AA or higher)
  • We offer a vast selection of raw crystals and stones that is always evolving
  • Our wholesale prices are available at some of the most competitive prices in the industry
  • All minerals, crystals, and stones are ethically sourced from trusted partners of ours
  • Enjoy bulk ordering inventory
  • Gain access to special discounts, rewards, and offers exclusive to wholesale purchasers
  • Request custom work that meets your specific taste and needs

Wholesale Natural Crystals at Earthen Crystals

Thank you for taking the time to create a wholesale account with us at Earthen Crystals. We can’t wait to start working with you for many years to come. If you have any questions regarding wholesale, our products, or anything else at Earthen Crystals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to answer any and all questions and assuage any concerns you may have.
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