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Interested in opening a Wholesale Account with us? 


- Valid Business Docs (EIN, Tax ID, Resale License, etc.) 

- $250.00 USD Minimum Order 


To start an order for crystals with us, please first review our Product Catalog to browse our current stock of ethically sourced crystals. Compile a list of the raw crystal products you want, as well as how many pounds/kgs you're interested. Remember to include additional specifications — size, weight range, shape. Once you’ve created a detailed list of the types of crystals you’d like to purchase online, you can get in touch with us either through Instagram @EarthenCrystalsWholesale or by emailing us at We will curate a number of products for you, and confirm them with photos. If you're interested in other raw crystals but would like a more in-depth look at our stocks or you have additional questions, please book a video call to select your own crystals!


High-quality crystals & minerals, bulk order fulfillment, rewards, discounts, specials, custom work, and more! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us either through email or Instagram @EarthenCrystalsWholesale

Thank you and we look forward to chatting!

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