About Us

Hi! My name is Mark, the owner and founder of Earthen Crystals. Founded in 2015 when I was 17 I've always been amazed by the business world and the opportunities that exist for those with the drive to create their own, knowing that I wanted to study business longterm and planned to eventually own my own business, an amazing opportunity presented itself for my senior year in high school, the Entrepreneurship Academy! 

I, of course, jumped at the opportunity to get involved with the business professionals in my local area from small business owners, startup companies, business incubators and accelerators, investors, and so much more! I was so beyond happy to hear that I was one of the kids that were selected from twelve different school districts that were participating in this amazing pilot program! That summer in between my junior and senior year in high school they had an event to welcome all the kids that were chosen from the surrounding districts, that day we were given the opportunity to take accelerated classes during the summer for free on key skills needed to succeed in the business world. The first one was a web-development course, which was held at my local business incubator, through this week-long accelerated course I met countless amazing people that have changed my life forever. Through ongoing conversations during the course, I settled on learning not only web-development basics but decided I wanted to focus on e-commerce. Learning how to build out frameworks and storefronts for websites to showcase and sell products online. Not thinking that after a week-long course I would have decided this is it... IM DOING THIS FOR REAL! 

The rest of my summer was focused on developing and growing my own business, which then transitioned directly into beginning the Entrepreneurship Academy, an alternative classroom that was half of our school day for our entire senior year focused on learning anything and everything business. This was NOT the normal classroom, not by a long shot, we had the complete and total freedom to do what we want when we wanted to do it. We were encouraged to use our phones, laptops, and various other forms of technology to assist ourselves in learning more than what any book could teach. This was 100% different from my normal high school, where you couldn't even use the restroom without permission. I thrived in this environment diving deep into studying anything that I could. Our entire year was outlined by taking a series of certified personality tests, strength tests, etc. Our instructor then reviewed the results and assigned us to business teams based on our strengths, weaknesses, and personality types. Being that we were from all different school districts most of us have no idea who these kids were that we ended up spending the entire year with working together to develop a real and functioning business with. This class changed me, my personality, my outlook on life, my career path, everything. All while continuing to developing Earthen Crystals LLC on the side. Right after senior year ended, I applied as a tenant at my local business incubator and was quickly accepted and the rest is history, I ended up running with these amazing opportunities and decided college was not right for me at this point in time, and I dropped out after just two weeks to pursue developing and growing my business and passion into a full-time job.

Fast forwarding to today, I have successfully grown Earthen Crystals LLC way larger than I have ever previously thought possible. Earthen Crystals LLC has grown from a hobby-based side business to a full-time job working with mine owners and manufacturers importing and exporting our products to/from all over the world to offer unique, top quality materials at competitive prices.

I owe it all to the incredible network that I was connected to by my mentors, now working with countless businesses all other the world building my own brand as well as assisting and connecting many friends and their businesses to ensure that  success and knowledge is shared, as a way to give back to those that helped me, while helping others succeed.