Posted by Mark Rossi on

Welcome to the NEW Earthbound Crystals! 

I am so happy and excited to share this with you all! I would love to get to know you all better and get to know you guys as friends, customers, partners in business, etc! That is one of my goals for 2016! 

Below are some things I have in the works and are super excited about:

I am planning on releasing many new lines of jewelry in the near future including silver smithing, new bracelets, pendants, rings, and so on! I am beyond motivated and driven to reach my goals and continue to grow my business and spread my joy with the world!

-LIVE CRYSTAL WAREHOUSE SHOPPING EVERY WEEK- Yeah that's right, I am planning on giving you guys the chance to join me EVERY FRIDAY shopping for crystals the best way... WITH A SHOPPING CART <3! How would you like to hand pick your crystalline beauty from thousands of specimens from all over the world and have them shipped directly to your door? Well, you can! 

Business Networking- Are you a fellow shop owner? Would you like to work directly with me to provide our customers with something truly special? I would love to work with you guys so feel free to email me at Mark@earthboundcrystals.com to ask about collaborations<3 a business is only as strong as its network, join the web of amazing creators and let us all prosper together! 

Thanks for reading! I am planning on starting a schedule for blog posts as well to be able to better communitcate with you all, if you like this idea please let me know! <3 Hope you all have a great day! 

Sincerly, Mark, Owner