Monthly Astrology - May 2020

Taurus Zodiac Sign



Welcome to May! We made it through the crazy month of April and those transitions through conjunctions and squares. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn were really pushing us to be our best! For half the month we’re still really focusing on the self in this Taurus season. (Happy Birthday to all you Aries/Taurus/Gemini folk!) The feelings you have about yourself, your possessions, and the things you value will be highlighted during this time -- so be sure to practice being grateful for what you do have. We are gathering our resources to then take the steps towards this upcoming time with the Sun in Gemini. Beginning the process of reaching out and communicating/sharing within our close communities a little more. During this period you may feel the want to share more; writing down and communicating your thoughts and feelings could be of great importance. Maybe it’s time to do a 30 day journal? 

Throughout the course of May, we will feel a much less busy or tense month. Beginning on the 1st we have Mercury in conjunction with Uranus, supporting us in reaching out and communicating to those long term friendships that we hold so dear. On that same day we begin an eight day stretch with Venus squaring Neptune, taking a break, and picking back up again on the  17th to last until about the 23rd. This square will influence the way we feel about ourselves and others. This highlights the habits and patterns in giving love to ourselves, how we receive love from others, and how much/little love we express to those we care about. It’s crucial during this time to remind yourself that not only are you LOVED, but you also are so much more capable of communicating love to others than you think you are. It will be common to feel alone, abandoned, and even shut out this month; so be sure not to take sudden needs for space too personally. Neptune has the habit of distorting things -- making them seem to be more insecure or unclear than they actually are. If you hold this understanding during this time, it could really support you in navigating this time of insecurity with oneself. 

While Neptune does it’s thing with Venus, we’ll also start to really feel the effects of The Communicator archetype (Gemini) moving in with the support of Mercury conjuncting and trining the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. This supports the movement of communication -- and all the new horizons and boundaries associated in those aspects with Jupiter and Saturn. The new growth in communication brought by Jupiter, and the boundaries and social discipline supported by Saturn helps us manifest the connections we need to move towards a better future. These new connections, even made via the Internet, can then be used as a foundation for those new goals you’ve been thinking about over the last month or so. This will carry our ambitions and sense of purpose towards the next stage of transformation put in place by Pluto.  Expect May 14th-15th to be a really intense two days; it could be a great time to dive deep into a new study, read up on mysterious/unorthodox topics, and even start an introspective meditation practice. All that matters is that you channel this intense energy coming up from the depths of self into SOMETHING. 

After these intense two days the Sun moves through a trine aspect with Jupiter and Saturn -- growing and compressing/refining what we identify with as a person and as a soul. This will go on from roughly the 17th of May until the 23rd. From that point on we conclude our Venus and Neptune square, and begin a three day sextile aspect between Mars and Uranus. This is an ideal time to do something new and exciting. This sextile will enhance your want to make sudden changes in your life, so be vigilant with your choices and actions that cradle your future. Focusing on the relationships that you want to last in your life will be important; and maybe even the connections that you want to let go of. Remember that you can be vigilant and disciplined with your actions, and still be able to take a risk. Through risk comes the possibility of great fortune. 

To conclude, this month can be seen as much less testing as the last. May could ideally be more comfortable and still equally as supportive -- especially if we learned from Saturn’s most recent lessons! Being grateful for what we have will be like our sword and shield this month. That being said, don’t be stressing on what we may have lost these last few weeks! So let’s continue to work on ourselves and build the foundation of our self esteem, reflect on the relationships that benefit us, and get into the habit of journaling our thoughts and goals. Sometimes it’s good to go deep inside and find out what’s holding you back; by doing so, you make more room to envision what you want your future to look like! Just as last month, don’t forget to breathe and ground yourself during this crazy time. The deep, powerful energy that you hold to manifest is moving -- don’t hold it back!

Gemstones/Crystals that will be supportive during these times are:

Hematite, Smokey Quartz, and Shungite | Grounding, Collectedness, Focus

Aquamarine, Turquoise, and Tanzanite | Communication and Throat Chakra balance

Clear Quartz, Obsidian, and Carnelian | Manifesting, Change, Motivation/Creativity

Sunstone, Rose Quartz, and Red Jasper | Self Esteem/Confidence, Self Love, and Joy

Amethyst, Moonstone, and Tiger’s Eye | Mental Clarity, Inspiration, and Writing

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