Monthly Astrology - June 2020




We are six months into 2020! June has a lot to offer us when we’re looking at the transits; and my hope is that we’re all navigating these uncertain times in a safe, healthy manner. Last month we were really deep into establishing our communications/relationships in a new way, and cooling off from the movement we felt throughout May. With Pluto in retrograde and that Scorpio supermoon, I’m almost certain we all felt that turbulence around the 7th. This month will carry a slightly more intense theme, especially when we look into our relationships, contracts, and finances. 

Venus enters retrograde on May 13th lasting until about June 25th. When a planet moves into a retrograde station during its transit, the theme and functions of said planet are then directed inwards, and sometimes even reversed. Venus, the planet of relationships, values, and possessions, is in the sign of cancer -- this is expected to make these matters a bit more emotional during its retrograde. This could be a really sensitive period with your partners, and it’s advised against trying to reconnect with partners from your past if there’s been any emotional imbalance. This is an amazing period of time to work on the foundations of self care and self love. YOU need to be in love with YOURSELF before you can expect others to connect with you in the appropriate ways. 

With that retrograde out of the way, let’s get down to the other transits! Throughout the entire month we see a series of different aspects happening between Venus, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, and the Sun. On June 2nd we start a square between Mars and Venus, and then shift fully into a Mars/Sun square by the 3rd that lasts until the 11th. Mars will likely spike aggression or volatility in our relationships, highlighting the intimate ones. This can bring that prerequisite of talking to your ex’s during the Venus retrograde on the 18th. Be vigilant about those Love/Hate situations and relationships in your life. Watching the way in which you control your emotions and passions is key during this period. When we shift into the Sun/Mars square we will experience a spike in our expressiveness, so getting into the habit of watching what you say when you’re charged is really important. This challenges our methods of sharing our emotions, and body, with those we are connecting with. Frustration and anger may come up in the areas of your relationships with your colleagues, employees, and competitors. So please be sure to have a good outlet for your built up energy that you can rely on. Whether it’s excercise, sex, or sports, it’s just important to be moving that frustration from the body in a constructive way. 

As Venus works her way through her retrograde we notice this three day sextile (a supportive alignment) that happens between Mercury and Uranus. The days of June 4th, 5th, and 6th would be a great time to reach out to those long time friends. Mars then begins this conjunction/sextile series with Neptune and Pluto from the 12th through the 20th. Sexuality, change, and our own intensity is going to be a major highlight. We may even be feeling insecure about ourselves due to Neptune; but still experiencing that drive to express our physicality because of Pluto. Now with this pandemic still present, it’s become even more common to at least know someone being impacted by sudden death right now. If not from the pandemic, for many other reasons. We are witnessing serious change with sudden, and often painful, consequences that we could be facing. Moving and processing all of these life changes is important, and there is no room for procrastination in doing this. Your stamina to change, finish projects, and express yourself will be at an all time high. Healthy expression is key, so be sure to be communicating with your partners about where your levels are. Jupiter is left to finish off our month in a hefty conjunction with Pluto from the 19th through the 30th. This just further supports the functions and blessings that Sexuality, Death (metaphorical/literal), and Transformation has to offer us. 


Gemstones/crystals that will be supportive of these alignments are:


Coral, Carnelian, Amethyst | Stamina, Focus, Emotional Perseverance 


Ruby, Orange Sapphire, Red Jasper | Sexuality, Self Confidence, Endurance


Chrysocolla, Rhodonite, Smokey Quartz | Emotional Healing, Acceptance, Depression


Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Smokey Quartz | Communication, Awareness, Cooperation 

Conjunction SquareSextile


Author's Information:

Talon Hodson
Reiki Master-Teacher
Accunect® Zoom Practitioner
Archetypal & Evolutionary Astrology