Monthly Astrology July 2020

Cancer Astrological Sign


Welcome to July! With us being in eclipse season and these retrogrades, where the hell did all the weeks go? This month will be carrying some similar themes in the light of reflection and reconstruction. This month we kick everything off with a Full Capricorn moon/lunar eclipse on Sunday, July 5th. This moon will be giving a highlight to our structure and disciplines; a.k.a our professionality and boundaries -- how we develop secure foundations to build our vision of the future. Who we want to become and what we want to claim. This month is all about reclaiming our authority, our right to be, and our voice -- tense as it may seem, the archetypes are on our side! 

Alongside this lunar eclipse we will also be moving through the month of July with 5 retrograde planets: Mercury (until the 12th), Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. Be sure to not only watch what you say, but also how you respond this month -- our minds will tend to move faster than our mouths and boundaries! Throughout July we will also sense a strange stressor within our relationships and communication -- this could easily be coming from the collection of all the retrograde, and the asteroids Lilith and Chiron dancing with Mercury,Venus, and Jupiter. Chiron will be heightening our emotional sensitivity in our social groups and relationships. An unpredicted sense of vulnerability could be present; breath and remind yourself that even this experience, as difficult and scary as it may seem, has something to teach us. This could bring up thoughts of past pain or the difficulty to communicate one’s baggage. This also reaches into our agreements, possessions, and relationships because of the Venus sextile. Expect to move through this for the majority of the month. Lilith will then bring this wild, instinctual energy. With its aspects with Jupiter later in the month, we should expect to feel an opening up of sorts, followed by the more protective/defensive emotions. Jupiter asks Lilith to open up and expand, while Venus asks to connect and sweeten up. These requests can be difficult to process for some. 

On the 1st we see the sun sextiling and conjuncting with Uranus and Mercury; supporting us in our communication with our outer communities and deeper running networks.  This will help us communicate and connect with those who we’re supposed to team with this month. It could likely be a good month to join/start that support group! From the 2nd to the 9th we will sense this Jupiter/Pluto conjunction -- supporting us in expanding the change and growth in our life. This sparks a powerful ambition to create lasting change and improvement in our life. In fact, within the year of 2020, we will see this conjunction three times. This will really push for even group or collective change! From the 13th through the 31st we’ll move through this consistent opposition between the Sun either Jupiter, Pluto, or Saturn. The instability in our life could be more present, along with our limitations, aspirations, and our relationship with change. 

Neptune is retrograde until November, so we are beginning our bumpy ride into reassessing our role in the collective reality. This could also shake up our own insecurities in our connections and relationships; in other words, check yourself and REALITY before you respond.  For the last half of the month we will also be experiencing Jupiter sextiling  Neptune from the 19th through the 31st. Jupiter, the expander, will be expanding our imagination, artistic creativity, and also our psyche. Neptune, ruler of mental illness, will likely spark some emotional/mental turbulence during this time due to it’s retrograde; so be aware of those much larger feelings and insecurities that may present themselves. Jupiter intensely magnifies anything it comes into contact with -- so the retrograde and the sextile is a recipe for emotional surprise. On the other side of the continuum, this will be the perfect few weeks to really dive into your own mysticism and spirituality. Your intuition will be at an all time high this month! It’s suggested that you really reflect on the question “Is this intuition or is this insecurity?”

The New Moon comes in Cancer this month on the 20th. This gives us the opportunity to really sit with the rawness of our feelings and our self care. This archetypal function of Cancer emcompasses the feelings, our sensitivity, and our home. Being within the darkness of the new moon, this could be an amazing time to plant seeds of self care, home nourishment, and so on. This new moon is in direct opposition with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter; this placement will likely bring up a lot of boundary setting, change, and inward reflection of how you want your foundations/home to be. This month may get a little dark for some, but just as the light, this experience has something to teach us about ourselves. We are all learning how to be human, and how to nourish the lives we have been given on this Earth; and may this serve as awareness that informs every cell of your being. Happy reflecting!

Gemstones/crystals that will be supportive of these alignments are:


Yellow Jasper, Carnelian, Amethyst | Perseverance, Dispelling Anger & Clarity


Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine | Communication, Trust & Courage 


Black Tourmaline, Labradorite & Clear Quartz | Boundaries, Intuition & Amplification 

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Talon Hodson
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