Monthly Astrology - April 2020

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Hello everyone, happy April and welcome to Spring! I know these last few weeks have been very difficult, and many of us are lost, stressed, and looking for answers. With the mass spread of COVID-19, for most of us, we may have been put into a quarantine and possibly even furloughed. The bills are piling up, we may have experienced the loss of healthcare, schools are closing, grocery stores are low, and hospitals are walking the line of having no resources. This chaos brings up a lot for people. However, the silver lining is that the energy at work is transformative and will be an incredible blessing in the long run.  

In the beginning of April, we start right off with Jupiter and Pluto being within very close proximity of each other, or in conjunction.  This is easily reflecting into the beginning of the development of self drive/direction. The drive to get what you want, where you want your life to go, and the power you have to manifest the things you want. We will feel this intensity of power/focus working with us, or against us, throughout most of the month until about April 15h. Parallel to this, we have Mercury, Mars, and Venus dancing with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in a series of trines, sextiles, conjunctions, and squares. This will bring up a lot of energy revolving around our communication with ourselves and the outside world, our drive, and our relationships with others in our life. Mars conjuncts Saturn on April 1st to initiate the ambition to really drive into one’s goals. Mercury conjuncts Neptune from the 2nd to the 4th, enhancing our ideas of what we want our dreams to look like; giving us the heightened ability to dive deep into our intuition, and really charge the energy of the mind. Neptune can also be expected to manifest the want for the truth through Mercury. Secrets and mysteries may have been hidden from the general populations, and this alignment could easily nudge the collective in the direction of seeking truth. From April 5th on we will feel the flow of mercury and venus moving in and out of a trine and sextile with Saturn and Jupiter. This supports the reconstruction of the communication and relationships that we have with others. Growing and compressing the different aspects of how we connect -- and somehow seemingly matching with our COVID-19 quarantine parameters.

The end of the month could be experienced as that last difficult stretch of struggle before the weight lifts up. Everything that we identify within the Sun becomes squared with Saturn  -- possibly bringing up a lot of frustration and pain within the ego. The last few weeks leading up to the 20th have been filled with tests and challenges. With Jupiter squaring the Sun just five days before, our self discipline and respect towards others was tested and reflected; only for it to be brought to the table to be polished by Saturn’s intense refining. Rest of the month cools down with Mercury squaring Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn through the 28th.

To conclude, this has been a very tough month. It’s been this isolating, reflective, and scary time for each and every one of us -- but rest assured, these intense times are some of the major chess pieces for a deeply transformative, liberating time of growth. Staying grounded, focused, and within your own company is essential this month. It’s really hard not having physical contact with others, but the technology that we’re privileged with today makes it possible to still stay connected. Mercury urges us to focus on our health with the support of that Sun and Saturn square, and Uranus is influencing us to take a step back and connect in a new way. Remember to breath, and trust that the work of self change is present within all of us. 


Gemstones/crystals that will be supportive of these alignments are:


Emerald, Green Jade, Peridot | Health, Self Love/Sufficiency, Abundance


Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Clear Quartz | Clarity, Intuition, Focus


Hematite, Red Jasper, Labradorite | Perseverance, Grounding, Strength


Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Aventurine | Trust, Purpose, Decision Making 

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Author's Information:

Talon Hodson
Reiki Master-Teacher
Accunect® Zoom Practitioner
Archetypal & Evolutionary Astrology