Variety: Amazonite

You can find amazonite at Earthen Crystals in all manner of shape and sizes. It is a beautiful, natural crystal that practically everyone is sure to fall in love with. Tons of people love having amazonite in their homes and offices due to the calming effect it can have on those who look at it often. Today’s post from Earthen Crystals is all about amazonite, what it is, its appearance, structure, and much more. Keep reading to find out more about this natural crystal and pick up some amazonite of your own at Earthen Crystals today!

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a type of mineral and was formally known as a mineral of limited occurrence since it could only be found in one part of Russia. Nowadays, amazonite can be found in a variety of countries like China, Libya, Mongolia, Africa, and right here in the U.S. Amazonite is a variety of potassium feldspar.


Amazonite tends to have a distinct greenish blue appearance. Though there is some variety in shades from green to blue, amazonite is exclusively found in this color. Additionally, amazonite what’s known as a “vitreous” luster. This means that, like quartz or agate, amazonite presents a glassy, waxy type of sheen. Amazonite also has little to no transparency and can be described as opaque.

Structure and Attributes

Amazonite is a natural crystal with a triclinic crystal system. A triclinic crystal system is one of seven crystal structures used to describe symmetry and structure. Triclinic is the least symmetrical of the seven structures. Also, amazonite is rated at a 6 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, placing it slightly above average hardness. This natural crystal also has a cleavage rating of perfect, meaning that it is easy to split along the internal cleavage planes.


Amazonite is a beautiful crystal that provides great value. Amazonite is affordable and is a great way to add style, decor, and tranquility to your home or office without breaking the bank. This decorative natural crystal can be found at Earthen Crystals for well under $100 in most cases. If you’d like to learn more about the amazonite products we offer at Earthen Crystals, feel free to reach out to us anytime or shop our online selection of amazonite.

Fun Facts and Uses

Something that many people find interesting about amazonite that you may or may not have already guessed is that this natural crystal gets its name from the one and only Amazon River in South America. Centuries ago, green stones could be found in the Amazon river. Though it is unknown whether or not the green stones pulled out of the Amazon all those years ago were the same type and variety of amazonite that we have today.

Shop Amazonite at Earthen Crystals

Amazonite is a beautiful, natural crystal that we at Earthen Crystals often offer in a tower shape for homes and offices. Thanks for tuning in to today’s blog post to learn more about the amazonite mineral, we hope that you found it educational, and don’t forget to check out some of our most beloved amazonite products at our online crystal store!