Using Amazonite Crystals for Healing

When it comes to natural crystals, they all have different properties and uses that make them each unique. So when you’re shopping for crystals, take some time to consider what you’re hoping to enhance or discover and find crystals that will help support those different areas of your life. 

Amazonite is known for its glimmering blue-green color and ability to bring about good luck and fortune in addition to being a talisman for hope and truth. It is most commonly connected to those born during the zodiac sign of Virgo. 

Today, we’ll dive more into the metaphysical properties of Amazonite and how you can use it to boost your luck or reduce stress. Curious about the physical attributes of this natural crystal? Take a look at our Variety: Amazonite blog. Then, make sure you shop our assortment of natural crystals and Amazonite available at Earthen Crystals.  

Looking to Find Clarity and Creativity? Try Amazonite

Open yourself up to free expression and bounty when you draw from the Amazonite stone. If you need a boost in your ability to communicate clearly or want to speak your heart’s truth, Amazonite is a powerful choice. That’s because Amazonite is a throat and heart chakra stone, helping you organize your thoughts, see different points of view, and follow what your heart is saying.

This makes Amazonite an effective choice for musicians, writers, and creative people — especially if they are looking to boost their creativity or more openly express their grief through their work. Amazonite will start to weave together fragmented emotions or thoughts, forming coherent ideas and helping you rebuild. On top of that, Amazonite balances masculine and feminine, or yin and yang, energies in the body. This further opens you up to better communication and appreciating both sides of a story. 

Amazonite also has different physical healing properties. Since this stone is connected to your heart and lungs, it can help with issues in those areas of your body, like boosting your metabolic rate, improving your sleep, and combating calcium deficiency. 

For an Amazonite stone, place it in the north area of your home so that its positive energies can flow towards your career or life path. As you work through past trauma or work through piecing together your internal fragments, create a space where you work towards discovering your authentic self. If you find yourself awake at night with endless thoughts or worries going through your mind, Amazonite can be powerful if placed on your nightstand. 

If you opt for Amazonite jewelry, wear it in a way that gives the stone direct contact with your skin. Throughout the day, your body will soak up the healing powers from that Amazonite, bringing you good luck, clarity, and effective communication. 

Introduce Amazonite Into Your Home Today 

If you’re looking to heal your throat and heart chakras, Amazonite is a powerful choice that also makes a beautiful statement when worn as jewelry or added to your crystal collection. 

We hope that this blog leaves you with a better understanding of the healing properties of Amazonite. Start incorporating this natural crystal into your daily routines and order Amazonite and other natural crystals from Earthen Crystals today.