Amphibole Quartz

Amphibole Quartz is highly coveted due to its beauty, complexity, along with its spiritual properties. In today’s blog post at Earthen Crystals, we take a closer look at Amphibole Quartz! Keep reading to learn more and be sure to find your Amphibole Quartz at our crystal store in multiple different variations.


Amphibole Quartz gets its name from the Greek word Amphibolos, meaning ambiguous. This is likely due to its unique and stunning structure that contains multiple additional minerals within the Amphibole Quartz shell. Because there are essentially other natural crystals within Amphibole Quartz, each one has a striking and unique pattern!


The Amphibole Quartz is a member of the Trigonal Crystal system and comes in at about a seven on Moh’s Hardness Scale. This crystal in our crystal store also goes by a variety of other names such as Angel Phantom Quartz, Red Rabbit Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz, and Angel Wing Phantom Quartz. Amphibole Quartz has acquired this nickname due to the appearance of wispy wings that are sometimes present. The minerals and crystals within the Amphibole Quartz are often Limonite, Kaolinite, Hematite, or Lithium — each one presenting a unique look.


The color of Amphibole Quartz can vary from crystal to crystal, but it is generally found in lighter colors. In some cases, it’s even colorless. Amphibole Quartz is often found with white, yellow, orange, red, gold, brown, and pink hues. At Earthen Crystals, our current selection of Amphibole Quartz in our crystal store features orange, red, and clear coloring. See them for yourself here!

Where It’s From

These natural crystals are somewhat rare and sought after due to where they’re found as well as their striking beauty. Amphibole Quartz is only found in one specific location in Brazil. Bahia, Brazil to be specific. This makes for the perfect addition to any crystal collection and is also coveted for its unique spiritual properties!

Spiritual Uses

Speaking of spiritual properties, Amphibole Quartz is said to have a multitude of spiritual benefits. Due to the angel wings found in many Amphibole Quartz, it’s said that these crystals have a close link/connection with the angelic realm. More commonly, however, these natural crystals are known for promoting peace, love, and serenity. It’s also believed that these crystals are associated with the third eye along with the crown and heart chakras. If you’re browsing our crystal store looking for beautiful, natural crystals that also promote healing, love, and serenity, the Amphibole Quartz is an excellent option!

Amphibole Quartz at Earthen Crystals

At Earthen Crystals, our crystal store has some of the finest Amphibole Quartz you’ll find anywhere! We also offer it in a variety of different forms and configurations. At the time of writing this post, you can find Amphibole Quartz in four faceted free forms and one sculpted Amphibole Quartz tower. Check them out for yourself in our crystal store today and start enjoying the many benefits that these natural crystals have to offer for your life!