Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst

Love | Devotion | Imagination

Hardness: 7
Crystalline Structure: Trigonal
Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide with Iron Oxide impurities
Chakra: Heart, Third Eye
Zodiac: -

Metaphysical Properties:

Pink Amethyst is Quartz with inclusions of Hematite, which is responsible for the light pink hue that can sometimes border on purple-pink. Because this stone is technically Amethyst with a lighter coloration, it has the same generic properties with an emphasis on love and relaxation. Soothing negative feelings, Pink Amethyst focuses on dissipating anxiety and resentment, especially when it concerns relationships. This stone encourages love and new romance, removing past hang-ups and fears. Pink Amethyst is said to deepen one’s connection to the imagination, promoting out-of-the-box thinking.